Dragon's Embrace

Session 1


This beginning session introduced Xandril and Angrim Oakbeard not only to each other but the rest of the world. Both adventurer’s new to the world, on quests of their own, met while traveling with a goods caravan to the city of Kingsport. Traveling with a mismatched group of humans and dwarfs, and a grief-stricken Tiefling, they met each other and even managed to put down a few bandits that attempted to rob the otherwise peaceful caravan.

The bandits got more than they bargained for though, as Angrim Oakbeard‘s mighty warhammer coupled with Xandril’s flaming spells made quick work of them. The bandit leader even tried to escape, after seeing his cronies so quickly dispatched, but not before grievously wounding the caravan’s overseer, Kari Stoutaxe. In his attempt to flee, the bandit leader underestimated the warhammer of Angrim and got no more than a swift death by shattered spine.

Xandril managed to provided the necessary first aid to the caravan’s overseer, saving his life and gaining a friend. The injured dwarf, stubborn as only a dwarf can be, insisted to be allowed to continue to ride in his regular seat rather than lay in the back of a wagon, though our adventurer’s were the ones to actually guide the caravan to the safety of Kingsport’s walls.

Upon reaching the caravan’s destination in the trading district of Kingsport, Kari informed the adventurer’s that he was delaying his trip to Longlake in the north, advising them to go their own way. He parted into the mercantile headquarters with a smile and a grateful nod. Thanking the party once again for saving his life.

Deciding to seek out glory in the city proved an easy task for the party. They had decided not to trust the rumors of the local taverns, and that simple bounty-hunting would not be very fulfilling, so they headed to the offices of the local magistrate. Upon reaching their destination, they found many petitioners and a corpulent clerk that seemed more interested in filling his own pockets than moving things along. After bribing him with the cheap jewelry they had taken from the bandit leader, they were told to wait for the magistrate to arrive and that they would be in the front of the queue to see him.

After a short wait the magistrate returned in a huff, asking the clerk for the first of those waiting to see him. The party was signaled to enter his office, a sparsely decorated room, funished with little more than a desk, a plain chair, stacks of scrolls, some maps of the local area, and a small military service medal. The magistrate introduced himself as Aldred Thistle and asks them to state their reason for being there, quickly, as he is a busy man.

The party asked about an alley they had been warned to avoid by a grateful street urchin they had been generous to. They were informed about what appeared to be a ring of thieves and muggers that operated in many of the alleys in the area, going so far as to knock out and rob guards that had been put in place to protect the troubled areas. They were also informed about a series of disappearances in the poorest district of the town, centering around a certain area near The Silver Axe. When asked why the city guard wasn’t doing more, Aldred informed them that the daughter of the Lord of Kingsport was “missing” and that most of the guard from the poor areas had been re-tasked to finding her. The party noted he said all of this with a note of obvious disbelief and derision, as it had “happened many times before” and that she frequently “disappeared seeking the touch of yet another man.”

Deciding to search for the cause of the missing people, they headed towards the area that Aldred had told them the people had been disappearing from. Once they reached the designated area, they spotted a dingy bar by the name of The Silver Axe. Upon entering the tavern, they found it to be a filthy rundown establishment. Talking with the purveyor, a chubby blond female dwarf, by the name of Alin, they discovered alot of these disappearances were centered around one specific block, and specifically one ally. The party went to investigate this alley, and noticed a homeless person living there, almost completely disguised by the trash he called his home. This unfortunate and enigmatic man informed them that he had seen a man in a black cloak with a red stripe take a young woman.

Upon further investigation the party came to know about an abandoned house, that people wearing similar cloaks had been seen entering or exiting. The party waited in a squatter’s den across the street and waited. Around mid night they spotted a man in a black cloak with a red stripe walk down the street and enter the house. Seeking to follow him they found the door to be of solid make, and locked. After many attempts to open the door stealthily, Angrim grew tired of waiting and brandishing his warhammer, busted the door off of its hinges with a noise reminiscent of thunder. They entered the house and found an entrance to a cellar complex underneath a rug. Braving the unknown they delved into the cellar.


CauseforConcern CauseforConcern

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