Forest Gnome Rogue


Age: 200

Height: 3"2

Weight: 40lbs

Eye Color: Purple

Skin Color: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown fashioned into a Mohawk


Gelbrik was born to poor working class parents. At a young age, he won many fighting tournaments and my family would eat well for weeks with my winnings. It was then that he decided he would use my skills in combat to earn money. A man named Saunders who had seen Gelbrik’s performance the tournaments took Gelbrick under his wing, and trained him for the next few years teaching him in the arts of the rogue, and ways of the criminal underworld. It wasn’t long before Gelbrik started taking contracts for fellow criminals. This culminated in the murder of a man wanted by both the police and the thieve’s guild for slaying an innocent child. Gelbrik framed the murderer’s friend for his death, and .than man still sits in prison.


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