A city on the southeast coast facing The Dagger Sea. Surrounded on all land facing sides with a thick and tall stone wall, a remnant from the Age of War. This city is heavily divided into four distinct districts, the merchants district, the civic district, the poor district, and the traveler’s district.

The Merchant District is filled primarily with warehouses and different good’s traders. Always bustling, busy, and heavily patrolled by guards looking to protect the famed trade of the City

The Civic District is primarily stone buildings and well crafted wooden buildings with fine slate roofs. This area is filled with the elite of the city, nobles and civic servants both live and work in this area. Many upscale establishments pepper the area including a locally famous tavern and inn, The Hunting Hound.

The Poor District, referred to commonly as the Rat’s Nest is comprised of run down and abandoned buildings in various states of disrepair. There is a large amount of homeless people, and criminals in this area. There are a couple of taverns, the most popular in the area is The Silver Axe.

The Travelers District is nearly always raucously busy with caravan travelers and sailors. many hostels and brothels are in this area along with a few nice taverns. Notable taverns include but is not limited to The Harlequin and Chain and The Wenches Lodge. This area is filled with the bawdy songs of drunken sailors and the curses of disgruntled travelers.

Aldred Thistle- Magistrate
Alin- Purveyor of The Silver Axe
Lord Kellan Mildstar- Lord overseeing Kingsport and immediate surrounding lands


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