Dragon's Embrace

Session 2

The Cellar

Our game starts with our heroes Angrim Oakbeard, and Xandril making their way through the cellar of the house they had followed a person of interest into. They push through a few small threats, a swarm of insects and a cultist. Coming into a room filled with strange small reptilian folk and a couple more of the robed men. Also in this room they found Gelbrik a Gnome rogue who was locked in one of the many cages in the scattered throughout.

Battle broke out almost immediately, with Angrim wading into the center of the foes, and Xandril raining magical destruction into the enemy ranks. Seeing his chance Gelbrik starts to pick the lock of the cage he is in, breaking free. Gelbrik’s freedom came not a moment too soon, as he was able to regain his pair of shortswords and jump into the fray. His presence was immediately felt, pressing the tide of the otherwise close battle in a positive direction for the party.

After dispatching their foes, the party searched the room taking any important items and quickly moving on. Scattered resistance was encountered as they moved through the cellars serpentine hallways, which were all dispatched post-haste. Finally they came to a room and were greeted by a thin, gaunt man in dark robes flanked by a retinue of the reptilian creatures they had already faced. Xandril attempted in vain to not only avoid the conflict, but to interrogate the man within. This only served to amuse and anger the robed figure. What followed after, was a heated battle, that took everything our heroes had to give. Despite amazing displays of magical prowess by Xandril, the courageous and stalwart actions of Angrim, and the deftly trained efficiency of Gelbrik’s swordplay, our party still barely survived, even managing to have the robed figure depart through a teleportation circle.

Upon close inspection of the room the party found a cryptic note, written in draconic, a dragonglass dagger, and a large pouch of coins, seemingly taken from the cults victims. The party, wounded and battle weary attempted to head to the exit through a door they believed led in the correct way. What they found was a large room containing a bound young woman, the personal effects of what appeared to be over a dozen people and four more of the reptilian beasts. Angrim, wounded and on his last legs, intelligently and uncharacteristically decided to hang in the rear of the group, only getting involved if there was grave need. With some fancy spell work from Xandril and amazing swordsmanship from Gelbrik the creatures were quickly dispatched.

After their foes had fallen, the party made their way to the unconscious woman to attempt to rescue and wake her to no avail. While she was alive, her state seemed magically induced. Angrim being the strongest picked her up easily and carried her toward the door on the opposite side of the room. The party, exhausted both physically and mentally, managed not to notice a tripwire hidden across the floor in this area. Arrows flew out of the walls, grazing Xandril, but impaling the already seriously injured Angrim and the woman he was holding. The woman while injured, seemed to be no worse off, but mighty Angrim had finally succumbed to his wounds. Xandril rushed to his aid, while Gelbrik searched carefully for anymore tripwires. Xandril managed to stabilize and awaken Angrim, while Gelbrik found two more wires. Knowing where the traps were, and with an awakened Angrim the party made their way to the barred door they believed to lead to their escape. In his hurry to leave Gelbrik didn’t check the door for traps, and as he slid the bar free a blade swung down from the ceiling hitting him, and bringing him dangerously close to death himself.

The door opened up into a hallway our adventurer’s knew was close to the entrance and they proceeded to the ladder to escape this foul cellar. Upon climbing the ladder, they were taken into custody by the local guard, who had been called in to investigate the loud noises that had been made when Angrim broke down the door to the seemingly abandoned house. After a short interrogation, during which it was revealed the woman was the daughter of the local Lord, Aldred Thistle, noticed the sorry state of the party sent them to their inn of choice, accompanied by guards. Blissful rest came to the party shortly after reaching The Hunting Hound, helping them to regain their strength, but in the early hours a loud banging on the door awoke them.

“The magistrate orders your presence!” The guard announced as they were led into the streets.

Tune in for the next session and see what happens to our brave party!!


CauseforConcern CauseforConcern

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