Dragon's Embrace

Session 3


Our session started with our adventurer’s being led to meet with the magistrate in his office. Flanked by guards, the feeling of captivity was palpable. As they entered the magistrate and a very well dressed man in a fur cloak were in the middle of a heated discussion. This man was introduced as Lord Kellan Mildstar, the highest authority in Kingsport and the surrounding lands. It was no secret that the Lord thought they were involved in the disappearance of his daughter, and he made no attempt to hide his hostility. Xandril did not take this well, seeing it as a personal slight. He barely managed to maintain civility, nearly insulting the powerful man before them. Shortly following this Lord Kellan left the office, instructing the magistrate to detain the party, because he did not trust them.

After Lord Kellan left, Aldred believing in the adventurer’s innocence, allowed them to obtain supplies and seek out food. This was, of course, under the supervision of one the magistrate’s trusted guard sergeants. The party made thier way to The Hunting Hound, purchasing mead and food. After eating the meal, and Angrim drinking more than his share of the mead, they began conversation concerning the possibility of escape. Managing to avoid the guard hearing them, they decided that escape was not he best course of action. After eating and drinking their fill, the party made their way to a general goods store to procure rations and healing potions. After getting their supplies, the party was headed back The Hunting Hound, when the guard stopped. Gelbrik noticed the ring on the guards finger was glowing faintly. The guard turned to them and said they must head to the keep for the Lord’s daughter had awoken. When the arrived in the keep, a large stone building with grand oaken double doors, they entered the audience chamber.

The chamber was a long hall with carpet running the length of the room flanked by large marble pillars, with a large chair on a raised dais. Near the head of the room was a table with the semi-conscious girl laying on it surrounded by many guards, the magistrate, and the lord himself. There was also a man the party did not recognize, an elderly man with a thin beard and mustache flecked with grey and thinning hair. This man was introduced as Giles Aering, the court wizard. After a short conversation, including an apology from the Lord himself, the lord and his guards carried the sleeping figure out of the room, leaving only a few guards, the magistrate, and the wizard. It was at this time our adventurer’s asked the magistrate about what had been found in the cellar. They were told that they could investigate themselves on the next day, as the city’s own investigation would be completed near mid day. In addition they inquired about any other tasks that needed doing, and were reminded of the robberies in alley’s around town. They also asked about the guards ring, and were informed that it was a ring of Message, allowing the magistrate to communicate with the sergeants of his guard, and had been obtained from the Wizard.

Wanting one of these rings, Xandril approached Giles Aering inquiring about the acquisition of one for himself. He also asked how they managed to awaken the girl and what spell had been used on her. This was revealed to have been a sleep spell, easily dispatched once identified with a use of dispel magic. The party then broached the subject of commissioning a ring similar to that of the magistrate and his guards, and a couple scrolls of dispel magic. After prices were agreed upon the party left and set out to solve the mysteries of the thieves plaguing local alleyways, upon promise of delivery tomorrow.

Heading to the alley they had been warned to avoid previously, Angrim stood watch while Gelbrik and Xandril went in to investigate. Before they even saw their attackers, Gelbrik and Xandrilwere knocked unconscious. The commotion alerted Angrim, who turned to see two hooded and cloaked figures standing over the bodies of his companions. This enraged Angrim, who, shouting a battle cry to his god Torm, charged them weapon drawn. One of the figures, after being urged by the other, took off down the alley and back into the crowds of the street, while the other stayed to face Angrim. After a brief fight, it became clear to the thief that he was no match for the paladin, and he too turned and ran into the crowd. Knowing his short dwarven legs would not match the speed of his quarry, Angrim instead set to task awakening his compatriots. After waking them, the quickly discussed the situation and decided to give chase. They followed a faint trail of blood to a door that seemed to enter into the rear of The Silver Axe. The party prepped to enter, not knowing what to expect. Angrim’s hand went for the door handle….



CauseforConcern CauseforConcern

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